SMS Marketing

Why SMS Marketing ?

  • 97% Open Rates Anyone?
    SMS marketing unfiltered and straight to the user. They only way to get any closer is to implant a chip in their heads and deliver the message…who knows maybe one day that might happen.No other form of communication has been compared to crack (crackberries) and there is actually a bunch of research showing people are addicted to their phones.
  • SMS Text Message Marketing is Growing
    SMS is having the most growth ever, better than any other media source that has ever been created.
  • SMS reaches people when you can’t.
    SMS is reaching people at times when they aren’t even expecting.  My messages vibrate in their pockets asking them to put down the groceries with their right hand and reach over to their left pocket to see what I have to say. SMS is instant and now, my open rates are 97%. Basically meaning if someone has 2 phones I will get to them one way or the other.
  • People can talk back to SMS, what about your e-mail?
    Granted they can talk back with STOP, just as they can unsubscribe.  But SMS also has the advantage of sending messages with a message coming back to the sender, instantly. Granted email is of course best used to drive open rates to click throughs to a landing page in the hopes that someone does your CTA.

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