Social Network Integration

Social Network Integration

You can easily leverage user bases and experiences from external social networking sites and tools to your Site. Third party social network like Facebook has exposed their API, and we integrate them into your Site.

What is the benefits of Social Network Integration With My Site ?

  • The Benefits for your Business
    For business owners, social network integration is invaluable for your brand. When a user shares a website link to their social networking site (like Facebook or Twitter), this material is shared to their entire friends /or followers list, opening up potential for more traffic to your website. Statistics show the average Twitter and Facebook user has about 130 followers and friends respectively.
  • Peers prefer Peers
    It’s been reported that audiences today trust the recommendations and brand feedback from their peers more than the company itself – despite companies now entering conversations online via social media. Therefore – like editorial over advertorial – a user sharing your website link to their social networks is highly valuable.
  • Links are highly shareable
    To add further weight to why social network integration is important to your website, consider this: every 20 minutes, 1 million links are shared via Facebook.


What  are the Features of Social Network Integration With My Site ?

  • Facebook tab applications, run forums and articles inside of Facebook
  • Include comments, like, send and share buttons on Joomla and K2 articles
  • SEO optimisation for Facebook comments
  • Receive email notifications for new comments
  • Open graph integration for right mini feed stories
  • One click login and registration.
  • Like box module
  • Live stream module
  • Recommendations module
  • Activity Feed module
  • Login and facepile module
  • Post to multiple pages at once from the admin area
  • Real time updates from the graph API
  • Twitter live tweets
  • Rss feeds to all Social Network

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